Andreas ‘Dre’ Håtveit Interview

AndreasHatveit portrait and interviewAndreas aka ‘Dre’ is one of the most technical skiers you will see on the pro tour and it is this talent and ability that has seen him become a huge success in the slopestlye scene. Andreas is one of the few skiers who is just as comfortable on both jumps and rails which certainly resulted in success on the slopes. If you were to compile Andreas’ results, you would be left with a list of podium finishes the length of your arm, including several X-Game medals! Andreas Håtveit is certainly one of the best freestyle skiers of his generation. Andreas has a world class park in his back garden that has seen him hosting a Backyard battle contested by the top pros, recently won by Britain’s very own Woodsy.

The Loveskiing team were lucky enough to catch up with Dre and quizz him on his success both past, present and future.

The Interview

Firstly I must say that we are so stoked to be able to interview you.


Do you have any nicknames?
Some of my friends call me Dre

What made you get into slope style instead of other skiing disciplines such as downhill?
Haha that’s a fun question, well I never did ski downhill or anything like that and I always loved to get air and do tricks so I guess I just had the most fun skiing rails and hitting jumps 🙂

What would you advise amateur and aspiring freestyle skiers wanting to break into the professional scene to do?
Ski more than anyone else. The more you ski the better you’ll get!

What skis do you ride?

With such a successful career so far can you pick out one defining moment or highlight?
Learning right dub 10s and winning the X-games…

Will you be gunning for a position in the Olympics now that the IOC have approved skiing half-pipe?
Hmm, don’t know yet… I’m going to wait and see what they do with slopestyle and then I’ll see what I will do….

What made you build an awesome park in your backyard?
Haha my dad! He told me it be a good idea and I’ll have to agree 🙂

All the riders certainly seemed to enjoy the format you created for your Backyard Final, do you see this format being adopted elsewhere?
Sure, it’s a fun thing and a great format that brings out the best in the riders so I sure hope so!

What do you do in the summer months?
Ski! Folgefonna! And then a little bit of fly fishing and then the winter is back!

Having featured in so many skiing films, do you have a favourite or a particular shoot you think is your best?
Myrkdalen in Norway, me and my brother had the best time shooting and I got some of my best shoots ever=)

Which young skier or skiers do you think are going to be competing for all the medals next season?
Ha ha there is like 30 of them so it’s hard to tell. I think the level is getting so high that I don’t think anyone can get all the medals. Its going to be more and more spread out between the top riders. But Tom, Russ, Jossi, Bobby and Woodsy, are some of the skiers that are up there!

Favourite ski resort?

Backcountry, park or urban?

Favourtie drink?

So how do you party?
I usually don’t 🙂

If you could change one thing about freestyle skiing what would it be?
Hmmm, I guess I would take out all the injuries and we would be all good! 🙂

Finally, describe in one sentence.
Great stuff!

Shout outs: My wife, My Bro, and Emil Fossheim for being the most awesome park builder ewer!

Peace Out! Dre.

Andreas Hatveit Winter X Games Europe 2011

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

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