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James 'Woodsy' Woods Loveskiing InterviewJames Woods, or “Woodsy” as he is known in the ski world, has certainly made his mark in the world of skiing this season. Early on in the season Woodsy impressed in the Dew Tour events and finished 8th at the World Championships. This impressive start to the 2010/11 season resulted in a much deserved Winter X-Games invite where Woodsy competed with the top pros… a huge achievement for the 19 year old Brit. Then in the X-Games Woodsy stomped a huge performance and landed a podium position in the slope style category and as if that wasn’t enough he has just won Andreas Håtveit’s Backyard Battle in Norway. There is no doubt that the world of skiing should watch out for the huge talent that is James ‘Woodsy’ Woods… doing Britain proud!

Loveskiing recently caught up with Woodsy after his success in Andreas Håtveit’s Backyard Battle to ask him about his season and skiing in general.

The Interview

When did you start skiing?
I started skiing when I was 10 years old, on the dry slope at Sheffield. In 02/03 I think

Do you have a trademark trick?
Not at all really, I just loads of new and different tricks.

What skis do you ride?
Salomon Pro Pipes, size 181. With Salomon STH 16 bindings.

You have had an incredible season what would you attribute your success to?
Thank you. I know that I have managed to achieve the things I have this winter from purely working so hard for them. For example getting onto the X Games podium, that is what I have dreamed of ever since I started freeskiing and I know that I worked really really hard for it. I know that I’ve got a lot of people to thank for helping me get there too.

With your recent success in Andreas Håtveit’s Backyard Battle, we understand a completely new slope style format was used. Could you explain how it works and what you thought of it?
Yeah for sure, it was such a great format – actually my favourite way to ski. It was only use in the finals for 8 riders, head to head (1st Vs. 8th, 2nd Vs. 7th etc…). During each battle the two riders would have 5 minutes between them to complete as many runs/ tricks as they wanted and the judges would analyse would had skied the best throughout.
Because it was very fast and very intense I enjoyed it so much! I love this type of skiing, it really got my adrenaline going and to take it all the way to the finals, final was really intense!

What is the highlight of the season for you?
Placing 3rd at the Tignes X Games – highlight of my LIFE!

Who is the funniest pro skier on tour and why?
Everyone has they’re moments, I couldn’t say.

What is your most embarrassing skiing incident?
I don’t know to be honest, but I do remember once after a long day on the mountain followed by a sunset shoot I accidentally clicked into one of my park skis and one of my friend’s massive rockered powder skis. I only realised that I’d done this when I was full speed down a mashed up moguls run…

Explain the lifestyle of a pro skier?
So much fun, skiing all the time but it is very busy. This winter I have been doing so much traveling its unreal, literally a different place/ country every week – as cool as it sounds it’s pretty draining! Although this is my dream and it’s incredible to ski everyday, but I am finding my self missing home, family, friends and normal life.

What do you do in the off-season?
There doesn’t feel like much of an off season really because you can ski all year round if you want, but when I’m not skiing I do a lot of sleeping. I really enjoy surfing too but being at home with my family and friends is the best thing for me – that is my time off and reality check!

Where is your favorite place to ski?
Breckenridge, Colorado. Without a doubt.

Park or backcountry?
Park. I do love riding the backcountry but right now all I can thinking and dream about is in the park.

What do you make of urban skiing?
It’s a challenge but I do like it. High risk – high reward. I have only done one long urban trip and a couple of short ones, so I’m by no means an expert but I do like go exploring urban features and bringing my skills to the street.

Finally, how would you describe Loveskiing in one sentence?
A fun place to go check out the latest skiing news, and get clued up for riding.

Woodsy london ski show

You can see Woodsy’s recent victory in Andreas Håtveit’s Backyard Battle here.

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  1. Sverre says:

    Andreas and Backyard Battle is in Norway for the record 🙂 And Woodsy is a winner by nature, and a awsome skier!

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