So what is Nipwitz?! Well it is quite simple really, Nipwitz are a group of passionate, driven skiers with a knack of being rather talented at urban skiing. With a tag line of “ski movies are boring as hell and we want to change that”, what is there not to like?

Instead of making a promotion film once a year that follows an ever monotonous pattern, Nipwitz have aimed for the rapidly increasing webisode market. This relates to about 4 shorter video updates a year. In their first year the Nipwitz webisodes racked up over 150,000 views and were awarded the 2010 Best Webisode award in the International Freeskiing Film Festival in Annecy.

The videos are superbly shot and edited with some of the best cinematography we have ever witnessed in a skiing video… praise indeed! There isn’t much more to be said apart from watch the videos for yourself and you will appreciate how special this brand of urban freeskiing is! It’s rather mesmerizing!!!

With the IOC recently announcing the inclusion of skiing halfpipe and slopestyle in the Winter Olympics we can only predict that the popularity of Nipwitz is going to rise and the large film companies should take heed… Nipwitz are changing the way we appreciate skiing!!!

Nipwitz Episode 1

Nipwitz Episode 2

Nipwitz Episode 3

Nipwitz Episode 4

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