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Andrew Maxwell slopesideThe Loveskiing team caught up with well known Irish comic Andrew Maxwell ahead of the 2012 Altitude Comedy Festival in Mayrhofen. The Dublin-born stand-up was named comics’ comic in the 2005 Chortle awards (where he was also nominated for best headliner) and in 2007 Andrew was nominated for the if.comedy award for the best show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You have probably spotted Andrew on screen in Mock the Week and in his show Fullmooners. So whilst Andrew may be better known for his performances on stage and screen, we were keen to discuss his other passion, snowboarding! Andrew established the Altitude Festival with fellow comedian Marcus Brigstocke back in 2008 and 2012 sees the 5th incarnation of this legendary festival. With such an array of comic talent on offer, such as Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, Al Murray, Ed Byrne and Kevin Bridges, it would be easy to forgot the day time activities include carving through the white fluffy stuff amongst the stunning resort of Mayrhofen in Austria. Ahhh bring on the new season. So without further introduction find out what Andrew had to say…

Andrew Maxwell and the Altitude Festival mascot in 2010

Andrew Maxwell chilling with the Altitude Festival mascot

Andrew Maxwell Interview

So you’re a keen snowboarder?
Yes, I have been strapping myself to a Snowboard and hurtling down a mountain with mixed results 18 years.

Favourite resort?
Call me bi-est but my favourite resort is always the one that hosts our festival, Altitude. This up-coming March, that is the lovely laid back and fun loving town of Mayrhofen, Austria.

Can you do tricks?
I can pop off moguls but mostly my game is leaning back and carving away at the powder at the edge of the piste.

What are you looking forward to most this season?
Hopefully, waking up and finding it’s powder day…yay.

Describe Altitude to us?
It’s a winter sport comedy festival, you ski & board all day and then laugh all night.

It is a pretty incredible concept; comedy, Austrian après ski and a weekend in the white stuff! Where did the idea come from?
A long, long boozy lunch that turned into a long, long boozy dinner in Meribel, France!

So which comedians are the largest pranksters?
Comedians tend to be more self-sabotage merchants than pranksters; myself and the co-founder of Altitude Marcus Brigstocke, have been foolish enough to ride down the mountain on big bags on several occasions!!

Who is the most competitive?
But that’s what I love about snowboarding it’s not a competition… everyone’s a winner.

Picture this, you have all the acts lined up at the top of the piste… It’s a race who would win?
Craig Campbell & Marcus Brigstocke are by far the fastest, funny men on snow.

In your opinion, what is the best part of Altitude?
The delight of being able to kick back with aching limbs and a sun-burnt nose and have the opportunity of laughing my head off at some of my favourite comics in the World.

Is there anything you are looking forward to in particular in this years festival?
It’s always a particular pleasure to introduce one of my comedy mates to the mountains for the first time. This year’s Altitude Festival virgin is none-other than TV’s Jimmy Carr (I wanna see him in a onesie).

What’s your vision for Altitude moving forward?
Bigger, Better, Up, Up, Up!

I’d love to roll-out comedy in German, French and Spanish in the near future.

Ok the BIG question… Snowboarding or skiing?
Snowboarding!! Skiing is a form of transport…boarding is purely for pleasure…ladeez.

Shout outs…
Yeah, make the people who design our website really happy and visit it will ya!

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  1. alyson fricker says:

    How can I be the first comment on what is the greatest festival of the year? Mayrhofen is a wonderfully glorious Austrian resort and the line up of fantastic comedy talent is a combination that fits my wildest dreams….bring on the white stuff and the laughs..

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