Let’s Go Powder Skiing for Church. . .

Sunday is a day of rest and worship for many across the entire world. People get dressed up with fancy ties, dry-cleaned suits, ironed pants, shiny shoes, tall high heels, frilly skirts, and flowered dresses. They sit in a building for hours singing songs and talking about their beliefs. Which is all fine and dandy, except for when it has snowed the previous night. That’s when you wake up before the crack of dawn, grab a hot drink, throw on your snow pants, walk the dog, scrape the snow and ice from your wind shield and drive up the perilous snow covered roads to the motherland, or as most people call it, the mountain.

Now just like the millions that follow each other to church, there are thousands of us “snow-lovers” that flock to the mountains after a huge storm. Its like a cult following of epic proportions. As we make our way up curvy roads to the pure white mountain peaks we imagine our days of creating endless tracks in untouched powder. And for your viewing pleasure, watch the movie and see what happens in Utah after a storm.

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2 comments on “Let’s Go Powder Skiing for Church. . .
  1. Dr Lawn says:

    Go to church on Saturday night and pray for snow! That’s what I do … No God .. No Snow.

  2. Isaac says:

    Look at all that fresh snow! Utah is now on my bucket list!

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