That missing feeling

I’m sitting here with my perfectly filtered, exquisitely sourced Ethiopian coffee (that is the in-thing now, right?), a mouth-watering slab of carrot cake to my left and my more-than-perfect girlfriend to my right, staring out over reddening trees and rutting stags in London’s finest park by some distance—Richmond Park—a pretty enviable scene for most. But something just isn’t right.

Is it a longing for summer-like weather again? Or, maybe I should’ve had coffee cake instead of carrot cake? No, no, I don’t think it’s either of them. Maybe I’m just feeling a bit under the weather…I put my laptop away and we walk the long way home through the woods behind the house, hoping the walk will make that missing feeling go away.

As we walk in the door, about to slob out on the sofa in front of our belated Netflix obsession, Stranger Things, my phone pings and everything suddenly falls into place:

“A heavy fall of snow is forecast for Tignes in the 4-6 days”

That’s it! My brain starts working overtime thinking about how many days skiing I can manage to fit in this year: It must be acceptable to splurge 15 of my 25 days’ annual leave on ski trips, right? I’ve got to try out that new lift linking St. Anton to Lech, so that’s one week; I need to spend a weekend covering as much ground as possible in Les Trois Vallées, not to mention a few days with the lads in Morzine in March; oh, and mum did say she wanted to try out that new foodie chalet in the Dolomites in February—it’d be downright rude to let her down and say no, frankly… Okay, fine: 15 days, it is.

Three hours later and I haven’t made much progress—it’s just all too exciting—but, god, I feel better: It’s pretty obvious why something didn’t quite feel right these last five, summery months. Anyway, after checking a “few” long-term snow forecasts, searching through a few more resort twitter feeds to see what’s new this year, and scouring through as many webcams as possible looking for the snowiest early-season conditions, I’m back in business.

A sign of things to come for winter? Without a doubt. Now, how do I break it to my girlfriend that I won’t have as much free time to go for long walks in the park in the next five months…?


If this has got you in the mood, see a few of our fave snowy webcams today below. Comment with yours too – we’d love to see where you’d like to be right now!

A snowy Tignes @2100m:

St Anton getting lucky at base station:

And, get this, even low Morzine is getting fluffy at 1000m:

But Carezza in the Dolomites is still looking far too green for our liking:×1000.jpg

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