Surfanic Paw Tear Drop Mitten, Black

Having always worn ski gloves throughout my long skiing history, these mittens were a revelation! During a recent trip to Morzine where temperatures hovered around the -15°C mark, my hands remained as warm as toast throughout.

Available in black or blackberry with a discreet tear drop print, the mittens have a reinforced palm for protection when carrying skis, an ultra-soft fleece inner glove and a handy mini goggle wipe on one thumb which worked surprisingly well to clear goggle lenses during one particularly wet snowstorm – so much so that I ended up wiping my companions’ goggles too! The mittens can be adjusted at the wrist, but also have inner loops to attach them to the wrists so they can be removed on ski lifts without any fear of dropping.

Yes, I suppose they are slightly less dextrous than gloves, but the additional warmth from the inner gloves and the cosy outer layer most certainly makes up for any deficiencies in that area. At £24.99, these are an absolute bargain – I’m a mitten convert from now on!


surfanic paw tear drop mitten black

surfanic paw tear drop mitten black

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