Warmthru G4 Fingerheaters

Warmthru G4 Fingerheaters Review

Cold fingers whilst skiing is my absolute pet peeve. Ask anyone who has gone skiing with me as soon as my fingers go cold I turn into an irrational, angry and moody individual. So as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to review a pair of gloves that heat your fingers at a flick of a switch. Christmas had truly come early for me!

Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Glove Review

The gloves are heated by a rechargeable lithium battery located in the wrist section of the glove. When turned on, the glove’s temperature increases to 35-40 °C. Once fully charged the 3.7V battery produces around 4 hours+ of continuous heat per charge. The Fingerheaters also have a range of accessories to enhance comfort for the user, for example: slim batteries for lighter weight, a 3mm reflective piping for increased visibility and impact protection bumps to protect user’s fingers and knuckles.

When testing the Fingerheaters myself I was very impressed. Combined with the added inner gloves, my hands were warm even without the heat pads activated. The lack of cold felt can also be attributed to the Fingerheaters being windproof and waterproof; an excellent component especially when braving cold ski lifts! The Fingerheaters also feel and look great. The Fingerheaters’ fleece interior makes the Fingerheaters soft and warm to wear. Looks-wise the Fingerheaters are quite understated with its plain design going with any colour combination – for those of you who buy gloves because they match your jacket, you know who you are! The Fingerheaters are also very practicable with the batteries slotting in comfortably in a pouch located around the wrist section of the gloves.

Performance wise the Fingerheaters worked a treat! I decided I would try the Fingerheaters when my fingers were beginning to turn numb on the highest chair lift. Easy as pie all I had to do was flip the battery switch from off to on and hey presto we were in business! Understandably, my fingers were not cured of their numbness instantly, but once the heat gradually began to warm my fingers, I never looked back!

To conclude, I think the biggest quality of the Fingerheaters is that they work perfectly well as ski gloves, even without the heat pads activated. What the Fingerheaters allow you to do is give the user the option to warm up your fingers perhaps at the beginning or end of the day and switch them off when your fingers are feeling toasty! At the end of the day, what’s better than having ski gloves that heat your hands up for you!

Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Glove Review

We Love
• The fleece interior of the gloves gives your hands a very snug feeling – none of the cold plastically feel that other gloves give.
• The ability to heat your hands up when they are cold – amazing!
• Easy to use battery switch.
• Added 3mm reflective piping on left thumb – great for getting the snow off your googles!
• Added protection on knuckles and fingers – no one likes hurting their fingers when they fall over do they!
• Comes with not one but two rechargeable batteries – saves you from buying bulky AA batteries.

We Hate
• That they only last four hours.
• Long charging time of batteries.
• The Fingerheaters are quite pricey.

Hotmitts come highly recommended from the Loveskiing Team! Check them out here!

The Loveskiing team tested the standard Fingerheaters package (rrp £120) but Warmthru also offer a deluxe package (rrp £150). The deluxe package includes the following extras: a car charger, two extra batteries (four in total), one extra recharger (two in total) and armbands for more comfortable usage!

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