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Loveskiings Warmthru Hotmitts Review

As anyone who suffers from cold hands will tell you… it can make your day on the slopes miserable and that is not what you want from your winter holiday. Being a long term sufferer of cold hands myself, I have tried all sorts from gloves to inner liners and mittens to try and keep my hands nice and toasty. In my latest attempt to solve the seemingly unsolvable cold hand conundrum I turned to Warmthru Hotmitts and put them through their paces.

On first inspection the mittens seemed to be well packaged with easy to read instructions and the nice touch of glove liners included in the box. The mittens look stylish and surprisingly like non-heated mittens, the batteries are hidden extremely well. The unassuming black and grey combination is sure to suit practically all outfits. The production quality is high with sealed seams, hidden stitching, adjustable wrist strap to tighten the mittens and a rubber grip pad on the palm area. The luxurious fleece lining provides good insulation from the cold and is efficient at retaining heat. First impressions are good.

Warmthru Hotmitts

One of the main attractions to the Hotmitts was the inclusion of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They can be re-charged after each day on the slopes instead of requiring costly new AA batteries after every use. Each glove uses two batteries: one for the top heating element (powerful 7.4V with 4 different temperature settings) and one for the palm heating element (3.7V with basic on off switch). The batteries hide away under sealed waterproof zips around your wrist to keep them out of the way from potentially dangerous encounters with water. Charging the batteries was a breeze with each glove coming with a separate charger. The charger plugs straight into the wall and simply connects to both batteries. The 7.4V batteries come with a handy beep to announce they are charging and the display lights up when they are fully charged. The 3.7V batteries are very basic with a simple on-off switch and a red light to indicate charging on the wall adapter (green when charging is complete). The batteries take between 4 and 6 hours to reach full capacity. Still looking very promising, time for the moment of truth… the test!

I hit the mountain with my Hotmitts on a cold snowy morning in the Alps. At first I decided to try them without the heating elements on to check their ability to keep the wind out, they passed with flying colours. The test also uncovered an unexpected benefit to the mittens. Even without the heating elements turned on the Hotmitts (combined with the provided inner liners) were extremely warm, possibly some of the warmest hand wear I have come across! When the temperature dropped as I reached the top of the mountain I decided to switch the heating elements on and find out what the Hotmitts are all about. One word WOW! At full temperature, a claimed 70oC, the mittens produced an incredible amount of heat, so much so that I had to turn the temperature down. The Hotmitts reached top temperature rapidly, around 5 minutes from first pressing the power/on button. During testing battery life ranged from 4-7 hours, plenty for a day on the slopes.

So to conclude, did Hotmitts solve my life long problem of cold hands… yes and some! The Hotmitts are stylish, practical, comfy and most importantly extremely warm when you want them, how you want them. Perfect.

Warmthru Hotmitts review

We Love
• Amazing heating ability from the two elements and powerful 7.4V battery
• Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries – saves bulky expensive AA batteries found in other heated gloves
• Understated high quality design
• Free inners included
• Temperature control
• Simple – simple to charge, simple to operate and simple to install the batteries
• The warmth the Hotmitts offer even without the heating elements switched on

We Hate
• Expensive… but you get what you pay for
• Heavy when both batteries are installed

Hotmitts come highly recommended from the Loveskiing Team! Check them out here Warmthru Hotmitts

The Loveskiing team tested the standard Hotmitts package (rrp £120) but Warmthru also offer a deluxe package (rrp £140). The deluxe package includes the following extras: a car charger, cable extensions and armbands for more comfortable usage!

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