Ski Challenge 2011

The Ski Challenge (SC) is back for 2011 and it is still FREE

Ski Challenge (also known as SC:11, Ski Challenge 2011 and formerly known as Orf-Ski Challenge) is a free skiing simulator with excellent graphics. This year SC are celebrating a world first: a Super-G will be held for the first time on the Val d’ Isère course from 10 to 12 December. World Cup points will be awarded for this race and the subsequent downhill races. The World Champion will then be announced at the end of the competition. For the fifth consecutive year, the racing calendar once again features the popular classic courses at Bormio, Wengen and Kitzbühel. Gröden is also included again this year. The season ends with a downhill race in Garmisch/Partenkirchen in parallel with the World Cup Challenge.

SC:11 offers even better graphics and new features to make the game still more realistic and detailed in comparison to previous SC. In addition, it is now possible for the first time to select the skiers’ individual helmets. As in the past, Ski Challenge comes in both PC and Mac versions.

Millions of players around the world take part in the Ski Challenge. You too can be among the greatest skiers in the world. Compare yourself with your friends, set up ski groups and represent your country in the head-to-head with players from around the globe.

Ski Challenge automatically opens in full screen mode although you can switch it to windowed mode by clicking Manual in the main menu and turning-off full-screen mode. From the start, it’s plain to see that Ski Challenge is a high quality skiing simulation with excellent graphics. To begin with you are offered the chance to practice or choose from pistes from around the world. However, you’re only allowed to choose Val d’Isere to start with as the others are shaded out to be unlocked. The simulator offers the chance to choose the snow and weather conditions on each course.

The controls in Ski Challenge are very simple – use the arrow keys to direct your skier and the up arrow key to make him go faster. A ghost shadow figure shows you where you should be on the track and you should try and stick as closely to him as possible. The entire training is conducted in offline mode so you don’t need an internet connection to do so but competitions are online as scores are uploaded to a central database. This means that in race mode, you can’t just race when you want because Ski Challenge follows a schedule of online races so you have to wait until a qualifying slot opens up for you.

This ability to race against other competitors and win real prizes is probably one of the most attractive elements for devotees. It adds and added level of realism to the already excellent graphics and game play. Note that you have to sign-up for a Ski Challenge account to enjoy online challenges. The controls are tricky to master at first and as in real life, you’ll spend more time flying down the hill on your back than on your skis but if you persevere, Ski Challenge is an absorbing and addictive simulator, especially if you compete online.

For a free game the Loveskiing team are addicted and loving the interactive community that is added on to the game. It is definitley worth looking at and killing the down time from the slopes by playing this game!!! Highly recommended!

Download the full game from the links below:
Windows download for Ski Challenge 2011
Mac download for Ski Challenge 2011

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