Ryft Falcon Goggles Review


Cost: £60 ; Extra lens: £25 ; Delivery: Free.

Our one line view? Definitely worth grabbing yourself a pair of these amazing value-for-money goggles now before everyone has them!


In April 2016, we got our hands on a pair of Ryft’s fully customisable goggles, the Falcon. If you read our interview with their co-founder, Kevin, (Ryft Interview), you’d understand why we were excited to try out this socially-conscious company’s goggles. Their ethos certainly aligns with ours, but how did the goggles fare when we took them out on the slopes?

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The basics…


Let’s start with, what is for some, the most important aspect of a pair of goggles: how they look. Before we get there, we’d better explain this innovative start-up’s concept. Ryft offer just one goggle, the Falcon, but with three customisable elements: frame, lens and strap (detailed below).

Frame: Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Lens: Black, Red, Blue

Strap: Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

At this point, we should note that rival customisable optics company, Melon Optics, offer seven different frames, eight different lenses and twelve straps (as well as three different frame designs). So if you’re looking at this purely from a variety of choice perspective, then it’s clear who the winner is (bear in mind Melon has been around a bit longer, however, and that they’ll set you back £15 more).

Enough of the technical stuff, let’s talk about what really matters: these goggles look sweet! The frame is the perfect thickness (we aren’t huge fans of frameless goggles), it is of very, very good build quality and weighs practically nothing. On top of this, the overall size of the frame is pretty big, so they don’t leave you with any awkward gaps between goggle and helmet, as well as having a great field of vision. As for the lenses, all three look great and, importantly, nobody can see your eyes through them – so feel free to look wherever you wish!

Lens Performance

Three lens choices, is that really enough?? Well, yes, actually, it is! Ryft have done a great job of creating three lenses that cover the whole gamut of weather conditions that can be thrown at you! We recommend using the black for those bluebird days, the blue (or is it purple?) for the not-so-good days, and the red for the days you can’t decide or just want to stand out a bit more!

The lenses can easily be popped out and replaced, so we found it pretty simple to change them depending on the weather conditions. All you do is pull back the flexible frame slightly, pop the lens away from each of its connectors and then insert the new lens following the slots and connectors in the frame. It may feel slightly fiddly the first time you do it, but take our word for it that it becomes second nature after a few attempts! We definitely recommend you buy an extra lens (only £25!), as this will give you better flexibility depending on the weather… We suggest that either Black and Blue, or Black and Red, would be a suitable combo.


So, these are Loveskiing’s overall thoughts on Ryft’s customisable Falcon goggles:

What we like

  • Customisable nature of the goggles – choose the frame colour, strap and lens of your choice
  • Excellent build quality of the lenses, frame and strap
  • No gaps between goggle and helmet, plus great field of vision
  • Price/quality relationship – a top piece of kit for a very reasonable price
  • Free delivery, even for extra lenses

What we don’t like

  • Could be more variety in terms of frame colour, strap and lens (although we hear this is in the pipeline for next season!)

Overall, we think you’d currently be very hard pushed to find a better pair of goggles for the price you pay for these beauties.
Any comments or questions? Just ask away below and we’ll get right back to you!

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