K2 Rant Pro Helmet

K2 Rant Pro

The K2 Rant Pro is a unique helmet that showcases a minimalist, skate-utility design. The 2010-11 Rant Pro models include a Bandana designed to shield your face from the elements. It easily attaches to the Rants ear pads using Velcro to ensure you can ride-and-go right from the start of the day. The helmet sits lower than a traditional helmet, includes a low profile peak and it is available in several different unique styles.

Every Rant Pro helmet includes the Baseline Audio speaker system as standard. The speakers come pre-installed in every helmet (the base model, Rant, doesn’t include speakers or the face bandana) so there is no need to worry about compatibility with existing headphones. There is a handy volume control built into the headphone wire allowing you to adjust the volume without having to reach you mp3 player or iPod. Personally I don’t like skiing with headphones in as I feel you loose a proportion of your control and senses, however I know a lot of people love it. On testing the speakers are unobtrusive, offer reasonable, if a little tinny, sound quality and the inline volume control works perfectly saving you time and effort. If you like listening to music you will love the Rant Pro!

The inside of the helmet contains a continuous liner that fits your head perfectly whilst allowing for some breathability. The biggest weakness of the K2 Rant Pro is the ventilation and airflow through the helmet. The simplistic skate utility design includes two areas for ventilation, one at the front and one at the rear. The aim of this system is to push air around the helmet allowing for even ventilation whilst offering a clean helmet design. However on testing we found that on a hot day the ventilation system simply isn’t as effective as a helmet with multiple vents and your head will become hot. However the liner is very comfortable and detaches so you can easily wash it.


The Rant Pro is a great helmet offering an alternative skate look and premium features for a mid range price tag. The Face Bandana is an excellent edition helping to keep you warm and protected from the elements. The audio system is a nice addition and something that sets the Rant Pro apart from its competitors. The only downside is the ventilation system, however you wouldn’t get the skate look with vents would you?

ABS Hard shell/EPS Liner
Weight: 460g
RRP: £69.99


front face bandana K2 Rant Pro Helmet

view from above front face bandana K2 Rant Pro Helmet

front logo K2 Rant Pro Helmet

One comment on “K2 Rant Pro Helmet
  1. Zachary Mishky says:

    Hey can you tell me where you got this helmet in this exact design. I have looked everywhere online to see if I could find a K2 Rant in this design, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you could tell me where you found this one it would be much appreciated . Cheers

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