Lazer Effect Snow Helmet Review


Recently, Loveskiing got their snowy mitts on Lazer’s top-of-the-line Effect snow helmet. Read on to find out exactly what we thought about it, including WHAT WE LIKE, WHAT WE DON’T LIKE and its FIT, STYLE, PERFORMANCE and PRICE.

We don’t like to make things difficult for you powder monkeys. The following review aims to pack a punch, just in a very direct and easy-to-follow fashion. We’ll make it very clear to you exactly what we do like, as well as what we don’t like.

RRP: £99.99 (available to buy at in the UK)

What we like

  • The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ creates an incredibly snug fit for your head
  • Good choice of colour combinations for style-conscious skiers
  • Like other Lazer helmets we’ve reviewed (see: Lazer Tempted review or Lazer Mozo Review), the Effect is seriously light at a feathery 410 grams

What we don’t like

  • Slightly hard inner-shell
  • Hearing is rather echoey


POSITIVE: As with other Lazer helmets, the Effect fits the head extremely well and the earpads fulfil their role perfectly – you’ll have deliciously padded ears all-day long with the Effect! Although most helmet manufacturers have a similar system, we’ve always been impressed with Lazer’s ‘Rollsys Fit System’ as a method of customising how the helmet cradles the back of your head…it just feels like a really secure fit compared to certain other brands which often suffer from the dreaded “helmet wobble”.

WHAT IS THE ROLLSYS FIT SYSTEM? The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ is a very simple, but effective, concept: there’s a discreet roll wheel at the back of the helmet which allows you to adjust the inside of the helmet to the shape of your head without any individual pressure points. As we mentioned, almost all good-quality helmets have a similar system, however we feel that Lazer’s ‘Rollsys Fit System’ has to be up there with the best.

NEGATIVE: Compared to Lazer’s top-of-the-range helmets, we found that this helmet wasn’t quite as comfortable. What do we mean by this? Basically, we found the inside shell to be a bit harder on the head than the Mozo (£149.99), for example. It certainly isn’t uncomfortable, but just something to bear in mind if you’re looking for the comfiest helmet you can find and have a bit of extra cash to splash.

SIZES: We know, we mention the same thing in every single one of our Lazer helmet reviews, but you really must BE CAREFUL WITH THE SIZES if you’re buying this helmet without trying it on (not something we advise, we recommend you always try a helmet on before buying!). Our tester, with a head circumference of 57cm, found that the MEDIUM helmet (allegedly 56-59cm) was too big when we tested the Lazer Tempted Helmet last season. With this in mind, we asked for a SMALL (advertised as 52-56cm) this time and we can report that this fitted our tester’s head perfectly. For this reason, we’re going to repeat the advice we always give:

Lazer Helmets Sizing Chart - click for full resolution image!

Lazer Helmets Sizing Chart – click for full resolution image!

  • Consider buying a helmet in the size range below the suggested one. For example, if your head measures 60cm, the MEDIUM (56-59cm) range is probably the one for you.
  • More importantly, try one on before you buy it! This is the only way to find the helmet that is right for you. I, for one, have a head which is seemingly determined to find a way for every single helmet not to fit it…I simply HAVE to try on a helmet before I buy it. So should you – even if you think you have a one-size-fits-all type of head!

This isn’t a reason not to buy this helmet, or any Lazer helmet for that matter, but you should try it on before buying – don’t say we didn’t warn you!


COLOURS: The Effect is available in a variety of colour combinations. We were sent the Fluoro Green (see below) – the “marmite” of the colour combinations – a colour you’ll either love or hate! The other available combinations are:

  • “Matte Black” – mostly black
  • “Matte Grey” – mainly grey, with black earpads
  • “Matte White” – mainly white, with black earpads
  • “Black Fade” – fades from white at the back to black at the front – new for 2014/2015

We believe that these neutral colours (less the Fluoro Green, of course) mean that the helmet matches almost all ski outfits, even the most outlandish ones!

Lazer Effect Helmet in Fluoro Green - click for full resolution image!

Lazer Effect Helmet in Fluoro Green – click for full resolution image!


VENTS: The Effect has just one set of adjustable vents on it, compared to the Mozo and Tempted helmets which have dual-vents. Simply put, with the Effect you have slightly less flexibility in terms of airflow to your head. Not world-ending by any means, just one of the reasons for the lower price.

The Effect's more basic buckle - click for full resolution image!

The Effect’s more basic buckle – click for full resolution image!

BUCKLE: As we all know, lower price equals less innovation and this is clear when we talk about the Effect’s buckle. Rather than the game-changing Magic Buckle on more expensive Lazer helmets, the Effect is equipped with a traditional click buckle (see picture). That means you’ll have to take your gloves off on the chairlift if you want to unbuckle your helmet. Again, not the end of the world, just another reason for the lower price.

HEARING: We noticed that there was an echo when we were wearing the helmet and speaking/listening. Compared to the Mozo, the quality of hearing is an issue…whilst the hearing is impeccable with the Mozo, it is distinctly muffled with the Effect.

WEIGHT: Finally, how can we not mention the weight of the helmet? It is incredibly light at just 410 grams and, quite frankly, you sort-of forget you’re wearing it after a while. No issues here. Lazer do know how to make a mighty light helmet.


POSITIVE: At £99.99, the Effect is a very well made helmet with one of the best fit systems (Rollsys) around.

NEGATIVE: On the other hand, the helmet – although good – didn’t blow us away. We had a small issue to do with comfort (it was comfortable, just not I-could-sleep-in-it comfortable) and a slightly bigger issue to do with hearing (we experienced a distinct echo while speaking/listening with the helmet on).


There’s no denying that the Effect is a good piece of kit. It’s very solidly constructed as always (well duh, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Lazer!) and benefits from the ‘Rollsys Fit System’, which helps you to find that perfect fit. However, it does have its niggles: hearing was echoey and the inner-shell felt kind-of hard compared to softer, more expensive Lazer helmets. All in all, if you have a mid-range budget then we recommend trying the Effect. On the other hand, if you’re seeking top-of-the-range innovation, and have a little bit more money to spend, then the Effect isn’t for you (look at Lazer’s Mozo or Tempted instead).

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