Lazer Mozo Ski Helmet Review


Recently, Loveskiing got their snowy mitts on Lazer’s top-of-the-line Mozo snow helmet. Read on to find out exactly what we thought about it, including its STAND-OUT FEATURES, FIT, STYLE, PERFORMANCE and PRICE.

We don’t like to make things difficult for you powder monkeys. The following review aims to pack a punch, just in a very direct and easy-to-follow fashion. We’ll make it very clear to you exactly what we do like, as well as what we don’t like.

RRP: £149.99

Stand-Out Features

  • The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ creates an incredibly snug fit for your head
  • Magic Buckle’ is a revelation – we would buy the helmet just for this feature
  • The Mozo is very light at just 420 grams (just like the Lazer Tempted)– you might not even realise you’re wearing it


POSITIVE: Lazer have done it again. The Mozo is an incredibly comfortable helmet: the ear pads are smooth and extremely well-padded; the chin strap is soft and easily adjusted (although not as furry and fantastic as the Tempted helmet, we must say) and, once again, the Rollsys Fit System means that the back of your head and neck are supported and cradled in the perfect position.

Lazer Mozo Helmet in "Matte Gray" - click for full resolution image!

Lazer Mozo Helmet in “Matte Gray” – click for full resolution image!

WHAT IS THE ROLLSYS FIT SYSTEM? The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ is a very simple, but effective, concept: there’s a discreet roll wheel at the back of the helmet (see picture) which allows you to adjust the inside of the helmet to the shape of your head without any individual pressure points. We wouldn’t go as far as saying it sets the helmet apart from its competitors – almost all good-quality helmets have a similar system – however, it works and certainly doesn’t disappoint.

NEGATIVE: We mentioned it with the Tempted Helmet, and we’ll mention it again with the Mozo. Be careful with the sizes if you’re buying this helmet without trying it on (not something we advise, we recommend you always try a helmet on before buying!). Our tester, with a head circumference of 57cm, found that the MEDIUM helmet (allegedly 56-59cm) was too big when we tested the Lazer Tempted Helmet last season. With this in mind, we asked for a SMALL (advertised as 52-56cm) this time and we can report that this fitted our tester’s head perfectly. For this reason, we’re going to repeat the advice we gave last time:

  • Consider buying a helmet in the size range below the suggested one. For example, if your head measures 60cm, the MEDIUM (56-59cm) range is probably the one for you.
  • More importantly, try one on before you buy it! This is the only way to find the helmet that is right for you. I, for one, have a head which is seemingly determined to find a way for every single helmet not to fit it…I simply HAVE to try on a helmet before I buy it. So should you – even if you think you have a one-size-fits-all type of head!

This isn’t a reason not to buy this helmet, but you should try it on before buying – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Lazer Helmets Sizing Chart - click for full resolution image!

Lazer Helmets Sizing Chart – click for full resolution image!


POSITIVE: The Mozo is a stylish helmet available in a variety of different colour combinations. We were sent the “Matte Gray” (mostly grey, but with a red Rollsys roller, a red clip for your goggles and “Mozo” and “Lazer” written in the same red too – we must say, it’s a very nice red and would look great on the slopes). However, the other available combinations are:

  • “Fluoro Orange” – mostly orange with a bit of black and white
  • “Matte Black” – mostly black, but with a black and grey pattern on the back
  • “Matte White” – mainly white, but with a white and pearl pattern on the back

We like that there are these four different options and believe there should be something for everyone. Unless, of course, you’re longing for a bright pink helmet to match your all-in-one pink panther ski suit (someone must have one…right?). In that case, look elsewhere.

POSITIVE: The peak is removable which allows you to customise the helmet as you like it.

Lazer Mozo Helmet in "Matte Gray" - click for full resolution image!

Lazer Mozo Helmet in “Matte Gray” – click for full resolution image!


POSITIVE: The Mozo comes with dual vents allowing you to alter the amount of air flow coming into your helmet. A nice touch but nothing out-of-the-ordinary seeing as almost all helmets have a similar technology. Certainly not a reason to spend £149.99 on a helmet though!

Lazer's Magic Buckle - click for full resolution image!

Lazer’s Magic Buckle – click for full resolution image!

POSITIVE: However, the ‘Magic Buckle’ is, quite simply, a revelation and definitely worth spending a bit of money on. How long do we skiers spend messing with our buckles, before deciding enough is enough, taking a glove off with our teeth, and using our bare hands to click the dratted thing together? Too long. FAR TOO LONG. With Lazer’s ‘Magic Buckle’, this worry disappears into thin air. A magnet simply clicks the buckle together. Simple as that. No messing. Your gloves stay on.

POSITIVE: We’ve heard people complain in the past about not being able to hear when you wear a helmet (notably ski instructors…sigh, that’s another matter we discuss HERE). However, our reviewer found that hearing was not an issue with this helmet. In fact, she noted that it was just as easy hearing when she was facing away from somebody talking to her as it was when facing that same person.

POSITIVE: Finally, we must mention the weight of the helmet. It is extremely light at just 420 grams and, quite frankly, you sort-of forget you’re wearing it after a while. No issues here.


NEGATIVE: At £149.99, the Lazer Mozo Helmet isn’t a cheap helmet.

POSITIVE: On the other hand, the helmet does provide plenty of innovation (we love the Rollsys Fit System and the Magic Buckle!) and it is extremely light and comfortable.


Should you buy this helmet? We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that Lazer Helmets are the real deal and the Mozo has reassured us of this. The fact that Lazer are thought of so highly in the cycling helmet industry only serves to emphasize this. Yes, the Mozo may be a fairly expensive helmet, but there’s no denying that it’s an extremely well-made piece of kit with a fair amount of innovation to go with it. If you were to go and try this helmet on, and it fitted you perfectly, then cost shouldn’t be an issue at all seeing as finding a helmet that fits you so well is no mean feat. If cost is an issue, then look for a cheaper helmet, but don’t be surprised if the helmet you end up buying lacks the solid build quality of a Lazer product.

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