Lazer Ski Helmet Review – Tempted range

RRP: £149.99

Here at Loveskiing, we don’t like to make things difficult for you powder monkeys. The following review aims to pack a punch, just in a very direct and easy-to-follow fashion. We’ll make it very clear to you exactly what we do like, as well as what we don’t like.

Stand-Out Features

  • Lazer’s ‘Color Chic’ system allows you to match your outfit with your helmet – a must for the image-conscious skiers amongst us
  • The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ creates an incredibly snug fit for your head
  • ‘Magic Buckle’ is a revelation – we would buy the helmet just for this feature
  • The helmet is very light – you might not even realise you’re wearing it


POSITIVE: Once you’ve put this helmet on, you will not want to take it off. In fact, you probably won’t take it off – people giving you strange looks as you walk down the supermarket aisle with your ski helmet on won’t understand just quite how comfy it is. The ears are padded and perfect; the chin strap both furry and fantastic and the back of your head will be supported, yet snuggly. This helmet does not disappoint in this respect.

POSITIVE: The ‘Rollsys Fit System’ is a very simple design: there’s a discreet roll wheel at the back of the helmet which allows you to adjust the inside of the helmet to the shape of your head. It’s not pioneering, and it therefore doesn’t set the helmet apart from its competitors – almost all good quality helmets have a similar system – however, it works and certainly doesn’t disappoint.

NEGATIVE: Be careful with the sizes if you’re buying this helmet online without trying it on. For example, we were sent the MEDIUM helmet (allegedly 56-59cm). One of our testers, with a head circumference of 57cm, found the helmet was too big (even with the ‘Rollsys Fit System’ fully tightened). Another tester: similar head size, similar problem. With this in mind, our advice is simple: 1) consider buying a helmet in the size range below the suggested one. For example, if your head measures 60cm, the MEDIUM (56-59cm) range is probably the one for you. 2) More importantly, try one on before you buy it! This is the only way to find the helmet that is right for you. I, for one, have a head which is seemingly determined to find a way for every single helmet not to fit it…I simply HAVE to try on a helmet before I buy it. So should you – even if you think you have a one-size-fits-all type of head!


POSITIVE: How many of you have put a helmet on that fits your head perfectly, only not to buy it “because it doesn’t match my ski jacket”? Well, this helmet knocks that worry for six. There are three main colour schemes available: black, matte white pink and white pearl. So, there’s a sufficiently neutral base selection to please even the fussiest skiers. However, this is where things get tasty. Suppose you have a turquoise ski jacket – and for this reason, you’ve bought the white pearl helmet with a turquoise cover to match your outfit effortlessly – yet, you buy a new pink ski jacket. Surely you have to buy a new helmet to carry on your effortless style? Au contraire, Lazer’s ‘Color Chic’ system allows you to change the style of your helmet whenever it takes your fancy. We simply cannot stress enough how much of a bonus this is for you fashion-conscious skiers out there.

Lazer's Tempted Helmet

Lazer’s Tempted Helmet


POSITIVE: The ‘Magic Buckle’ is, quite simply, a revelation. How long do we skiers spend messing with our buckles, before deciding enough is enough, taking a glove off with our teeth, and using our bare hands to click the dratted thing together? Too long. With Lazer’s ‘Magic Buckle’, this worry disappears into thin air. A magnet simply clicks the buckle together. Simple as that. No messing. Your gloves stay on.

POSITIVE: Excuse número uno for not wearing a helmet? “But I can’t hear when I wear one…” Well, quite simply, you can’t use that excuse with this helmet. The ears, although deliciously padded and comfortable, do not prevent you from hearing. We were actually very impressed by how well you could hear with this helmet on.

POSITIVE: As we already mentioned, you might be tempted to walk down the supermarket aisle wearing this helmet as it’s so incredibly comfortable. Equally, you may find yourself doing so for other reasons. This helmet is so light that it’s certainly possible you’ll forget you’re wearing it: you’ll find yourself necking a much-needed vin chaud or three before realising you’re still wearing your new piece of fancy headgear.


NEGATIVE: Let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t a cheap helmet.

POSITIVE: It is, however, a very well-made helmet, and with a lot of innovation to show for it.


We have absolutely no qualms in recommending that you go out and try this helmet for yourselves. In fact, we INSIST you go out and do so: despite the price tag, it actually offers great value for money, especially if it could be the helmet that convinces you, or a loved one, that helmets aren’t actually the devil’s work, but rather a fashionable item that will enhance your looks on the slopes, whilst ensuring your precious cranium is protected as it should be. The innovation – matched with solid manufacturing – of this Lazer ski helmet really does make it worth a try.

Edit: we’ve been trying to research the current price of this helmet, but we’re struggling to find many shops that sell it across the UK. If anyone can tell us where they bought theirs, we’d be most grateful!! 

7 comments on “Lazer Ski Helmet Review – Tempted range
  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Hi, Finally I order my helmet in UK and receive it !
    Advice for other want buy this helmet and first feeling !

    +++ Very light, Comfortable, delivery with coton bag, perfect fitting !
    — Negatif : for this 2014-2015 year … Lazer are remplace the great idea “magic buckle” by a traditional stupid plastic clips !
    The earpads are not removable, the glue on some elements are not well made, the seams are not well made also ( I receive my helmet with 3 holes of 1cm on the seams ) !
    Finally I have some regret about my old Alpina deutch brand ! <:\

    • Loveskiing Team Loveskiing Team says:

      We’re glad you finally got it!

      So sad about the Magic Buckle ???? we’ll get in touch and find out with Lazer why this is.

      As for the glue and seams, it sounds to us like you’ve received a faulty helmet. Have you considered getting back in touch and asking for a replacement? If you’d like us to help you in any way, let us know!

  2. Emmanuelle says:

    Merci … j’ai aussi essayé de contacter Lazer, mais aucune réponse ! Pas très sérieux comme compagnie …
    Au niveau prix, je l’ai même vu sur un site à 249 € … (199 £)
    Au USA, à 107 $ mais avec les frais envoie, TVA et import, j’arrive au même prix que Coastwatersports

    ( )

  3. Emmanuelle says:

    Merci de votre réponse … votre feed back / test sur le produit est très bien fait et intéressent ! J’aimerais beaucoup tester ce produit cette saison de ski …
    Je suis de Belgique francophone, Lazer est une société Belge mais c’est en Belgique qu’il est le plus difficile de trouver leurs produits ! Il faut dire que la Belgique n’a pas beaucoup de magasin de “ski” <:\ et les magasins de France, dans les Alpes préfèrent vendre leurs marques française ( Casco, Julbo, Salomont … )

    J'ai trouver en U.K., cette adresse en ligne, actuellement je pense, seule solution en "buy on-line"

    Autre casque que j'utilise pour le moment et d'on j'ai satisfaction est la marque allemande Alpina mais ce Lazer est esthétiquement bien réussit !

    • Loveskiing Team Loveskiing Team says:

      Merci Emmanuelle, je suis content que vous aimez Loveskiing et nos revues! Je me suis mis en contact avec Lazer et des autres contacts pour savoir où vous pourriez acheter un casque Lazer en Belgique, mais jusqu’au présent personne ne m’a répondu – je suis navré! Dès que j’en sais plus, je vous donnerai la réponse… (Coastwatersports me paraît un peu trop cher vu que le casque coutait £149.99 l’année dernière..)

      Merci de votre patience et j’espère que bientôt je pourrai vous donner une réponse!

  4. Emmanuelle says:

    I search also this helmet but it seem Lazer sell this model only in USA and Canada … that’s shame for an European ( Belgium ) Compagnie …

    • Loveskiing Team Loveskiing Team says:

      Hi Emmanuelle,

      I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to buy it in Belgium/Northern Europe. I’ll get in touch with Lazer tomorrow and let you know where you can buy it!

      Loveskiing Team

      Si vous préférez, on peut parler en français… je me mets en contact avec Lazer demain pour savoir où l’on peut acheter ce casque! Je vous tiens au courant… 🙂

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