iPrints Review

iPrints logoHate not being able to use your touch screen phone without taking off your ski glove? Yeah, so do we. Looking for a solution, we stumbled the hottest thing to hit the glove wear world since the heated glove … the iPrints.

What is iPrints?

iPrints is the brainchild of snow sports enthusiast Phil Mundy. Tired of getting hypothermia every time he took his gloves off to use his iPhone on the slopes, Phil thought there must be another way. Enter iPrints, an innovating piece of technology that easily attaches to the user’s index glove finger, thus eradicating the need to buy a specialist glove just to operate your smartphones’ touch screen.

How the iPrint works


  • Easy to use. Attach the iPrint sticker onto your index finger and away you go!
  • It actually works!
  • You don’t need to buy new gloves.
  • Saves your hands from the cold and your expensive phone from a snowy death!


  • Not great for texting (unless you are pretty good at texting with one finger!)
  • Unfortunately durability was a bit of an issue. The sticker only stayed on my finger for one day of skiing.
  • Summary

    In short, the iPrints is a fantastic product. Not only does it save you a lot of money from not needing to buy new gloves but it is also incredibly simple to use. Although there are some negatives, these are far outweighed by the positives.


    We caught up with the iPrints creator Phil Mundy to tell us a bit more about the product.

    So, where did the concept of the iPrint come from?
    The idea was born in Verbier, when laughing about how we all used our noses to answer our phones on chair lifts – you know the story, trying to organise getting together is a pain and you always get a call through when you can’t answer it, or risk dropping a glove if you do!

    What makes I-Prints different from other products on the market?
    iPrints is Patented globally – and is the only way of making any existing pair of gloves touch screen phone compatible. There are gloves out there but they are either not up to ski performance, very limited in choice, or require you to buy a entirely new pair of gloves. We figure why should you have to? Just stick an iPrint on your finger tip and your gloves are good to go!

    What is the future for I-Prints?
    iPrints was launched October 2011, already we have orders from resorts all over Europe and from larger retailers who can’t wait to get it out. We also make branded ones so companies can place their logo on the iPrint and use them as gifts or promotions. The future looks great and everyone has been massively positive about the product!

    Most importantly, where can people buy I-Prints from?
    iPrints can be bought from Blacks retailers in the UK and also online at their website www.iprints.org.uk.

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