The Loveskiing ski section brings you our own unique, easy to understand ski reviews and specifications for up and coming models for future seasons. Unlike other websites that blast information and technical details at you, we understand that not everyone understands what all the technical jargon means. At Loveskiing we are determined to write easy to understand, unbiased and informative reviews. Hopefully our reviews will help you to choose your next set of skis, or at least have some fun!

We’re constantly looking to expand our review database, so if you want a specific pair of skis reviewed, comment below and we’ll try to review them ASAP.

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2 comments on “Skis
  1. Loveskiing Team James Cox says:

    We will see what we can do for you. Fingers crossed and before you know it the review will be there before your eyes 😀

    Loveskiing Team

  2. Spanna says:

    🙂 Love a good review!

    I am after the 2012 Blizzard Black Pearl or Bushwacker – NEW – Flipcore tech…. these are the skis Arne Backstrom envisaged and the graphics are in him memory ….

    Any reviews yet?


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