Rossignol Zenith Z72

Loveskiing’s Zenith Z72 (2011) Ski Review 

First Impressions

Opening the box to the Zenith Z72s I felt like a kid on Christmas day and to my pleasant surprise my expectations were not to be disappointed. With the colour combination of white, black and orange the Zenith Z72s no doubt looked the part. (UK users receive this colour combination whereas European and American purchasers will receive a red variant). Even with the bindings attached the skis were relatively light – no problems carrying them on your shoulders! So with my brand spanking new skis I jet-setted off to Sainte Foy with the rest of the Loveskiing Team to give the Zenith Z72’s a thorough examination.

Rossignol Zenith Z72 ski ratingsRossignol Zenith Z72 Technical Specifications
On-piste performance

Despite the Zenith Z72s being labelled as an ‘all-mountain’ ski, the skis are much more at home on-piste opposed to off-piste. Rossignol themselves state that the skis are 70-80% aimed towards on-piste skiing. The skis feature a concave H shape structure down the length of the ski which applies force directly to the edges of the ski for optimum grip. I would say that this is perhaps the biggest asset that the Zenith Z72 had to offer. I found the Z72s had incredible edge stability and grip. No matter what your ability is; whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’re not going to enjoy your day’s skiing if you don’t feel stable on your skis! The transition from snow to ice was barely noticeable, something that can’t be said for a lot of skis. The Zenith Z72’s ability to grip the piste made carving down the mountain a joy to behold. The design and technology of the Zenith Z72s gives the user fantastic balance whilst skiing, the hollow center of the ski allows users to transfer their weight on the skis efficiently and effectively. The Zenith Z72’s light weight also makes the skis ideal for short turns, with skiers being able to bob in and out of their turns with relative ease. For those of you who like to race down a piste opposed to ski down a piste, the Zenith Z72s offer a medium to fast speed, giving skiers an unnatural confidence of skiing fast without losing an edge.

Rossignol Zenith Z72 ski review

Off-piste performance

Once I felt that the Zenith Z72s had impressed me enough on-piste, I felt that it was only fair to give the skis an equally large bashing off-piste. The ski’s performance in powder, although good, wasn’t as good as the performance on-piste. I acknowledge that this point is applicable for a number of skis. I believe that due to the ski’s design they simply didn’t float on powder like specialist off-piste skis. However, the skis did excel through moguls. The ski’s lightweight and easy to turn design made even a modest intermediate look like a pro bounding in and out of the moguls.

Jumps and kickers

To be fair, where I tested the skis there wasn’t a designated ski park (outrageous I know!), so I wasn’t able to give the skis a fair assessment compared to the on and off-piste skiing. However, from what jumps the Loveskiing team could find (and make), the Zenith Z72s were light enough to manoeuver through the air, whilst at the same time balanced enough to give you a stable landing (completely dependent on the skier of course!).

Rossignol Zenith Z72 ski review and pictures


In conclusion, the Zenith Z72’s looked the part, felt the part and skied the part. The stable design and structure gives the skier a heightened sense of confidence to push the boundaries, having full confidence in the ski’s ability not to lose an edge. The ski’s limitations however become apparent when skiing off-piste, with the ski’s ability being much more dependent on the skier’s ability opposed to the ski’s design. If you’re looking for a pair of skis that look good whilst giving you a relatively high performance, these are definitely the skis for you! I would recommend these skis for advanced intermediates to aspiring experts.

The Zenith Z72s retail at £399.



Rossignol Zenith Z72 ski review and pictures

Rossignol Zenith Z72 ski review and pictures

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