Salomon B.B.R

Loveskiing’s Salomon B.B.R Ski Review 2011

A lot of hype has surrounded Salomon’s latest creation – the ‘B.B.R’ – with some even labelling them the future of skiing. Naturally, when invited to test out the B.B.Rs at Salomon’s recent test day at the Hemel Hempstead Snowdome, the Loveskiing Team jumped at the chance to try first hand ‘the future of skiing.’

Salomon BBR front and back

First Impressions

First impressions of the B.B.R skis are impressive. The long surfboardesque length of the B.B.R is the brain child of Bertrand Krafft, an innovative designer who is also responsible for the groundbreaking Salomon X Scream and twin tipped Pocket Rocket skis. Krafft has continued to push the boundaries of ski design, arriving on the truly unique design that is the B.B.R. Completely removing itself from the stereotypical mould of ski design, the B.B.R is simply a frankeinsteinesque morph of a surf board and a ski. Influenced by the shape of a surf board the B.B.R’s patented ‘V-Shape’ uses the same qualities of a surf board, enabling skiers to float on powder very much like a surfer would ride a wave. The idea of the design is to give skiers ‘maximum sensation’ on the slopes with the intention of creating a true all mountain ski. In short, allowing skiers to float on the white stuff whilst at the same time allowing skiers to still carve up the mountain with its incredible turning radius! The BBR ski comes in two versions, a Sandwich sidewall version with full woodcore and 89mm waist, and a more forgiving 79mm waist with monocoque construction, also with full woodcore.

Recent Salomon press release:

“BBR is a ski like no other ski ever made. An oversized, surfboard like tip and rocker shape enable the ski to float in powder and adapt to uneven terrain smoothly and predictably, while the narrow waist and pintail, short radius and short effective edge on-piste provide great grip and playfulness on harder snow. What Salomon calls the “V” shape, is literally two skis in one.”

Loveskiing’s verdict

After using the B.B.Rs, we must say a lot of love goes out to Salomon for bringing them to market! We were extremely impressed, and although not tipped to be the biggest seller of the new Salomon range, the B.B.Rs are without a doubt the most innovative. What impressed us most about the skis was their turning radius, their ability to change direction was, in one word, effortless. Although pitched as the ultimate all-mountain ski, we would pitch it as the all-user ski. Not only will experts love the off-piste capabilities, but beginners too will love how easy they are to master. The B.B.Rs will no doubt turn heads this upcoming ski season – make sure you’re not left behind on the wave of innovation.

Check out this cheeky teaser video of the BBR skis carving up the mountain!


Salomon BBR SKI profile

Salomon BBR SKIS the tip

Salomon BBR down the ski

Salomon BBR SKIS

Salomon BBR close up

7 comments on “Salomon B.B.R
  1. Rob says:

    I’m in La Plagne at the mo, rent skis each year although own, just like trying different skis. I’m intermediate and venture off piste when the opportunity arrives. Tried 3 pairs of skis this holiday, great chap said “try these” I did, they are fantastic. They allow you to play. They provide masses of confidence, float on powder, skip over bumpy pistes and carve precisely. I will definitely be sourcing a pair when I get home. Putting it in perspective, I’ve tried about 15 pairs of skis but these suit me best by far, love them!

  2. Kah Lup says:

    I just got back from a weekend in Andorra. After reading the reviews, I tried the 8.9 BBR 175cm and the 165cm.

    Absolutely love them! I was going over powder and piste effortlessly with speed and confidence. It really floats on powder! Even my friends were amazed with the performance of this ski. Will buy a pair soon!

    – Kah Lup, Singapore

  3. Al says:

    These skis are meant to be new but I had a pair of k2
    ‘demo skis’ from 1997 which were pre carve ski
    And are almost exactly the same shape. They were excellent off piste as they were very light and wide at the tip. I wonder whether ski design goes round in circles . What next a return to long skis

  4. Peter says:

    Like Lee, I rent every season. Last week in Tahoe I asked the store if they had anything “interesting” for me to try. They gave me the BBRs. I absolutely loved them. For the first time ever when I got back to the store, I took careful notes with intention of buying them. They are indeed all-round.

  5. John beales says:

    Just used the bbr for 2 days on hard pack snow.. What a ride! Grippy fast carve turns using the whole piste where just like using a longboard in the surf! Fantastic skis.. Would love to use in the powder.. A new style in skiing..Would recommend to anyone.

  6. Lee Rudd says:

    I tried these today at Les Deux Alps free of charge. They are the best ski’s I’ve used and I normally hire each year. After this weeks skiing holiday I will be searching the Internet back at home for a pair did myself.

    Light, effortless, they give slot of feedback on the terrain that your covering. A must for next year me thinks!!!!!

  7. Andy says:

    looks awesome

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