Salomon BBR 10.0 Review

Salomon BBR 10.0

Continuing on from the success of the original BBRs, Salomon has launched a new top-end model that is aimed at the advanced market. The main criticism of the original BBRs was their ability at speed and what they could offer the advanced skier. The BBR 10.0’s are Salomon’s answer… read on to find out how they performed.

Salomon BBR 10

Technical Jargon

The BBR 10.0’s are a slightly more traditional ski than their little siblings with a longer radius, sidecut and a 0.4mm thick double titanium laminate that equates to a more solid flex. The skis still keep their unique V shape with a surfboard-style rockered tip and a tapered tail.

Salomon BBR 10.0 Technical Specifications

170 cm, 177 cm, 184 cm, 191 cm
[184cm] 145 / 97 / 110 mm
Turn Radius:
[184cm] 22 m
sandwich sidewall, metal backbone
wood, bamboo, titanium laminate

Enough of the technical talk, what does this mean in real terms?

In simple terms, compared with its smaller siblings the BBR 10.0’s should be more stable at high speeds, float higher and more easily on powder and remove the speed limiter that comes with the other BBR models.

On-piste performance

On-piste the BBR 10.0’s perform more like a Super G ski than other BBRs, allowing you to carve at speed with ease whilst picking up greater speed. The fibre edge reinforcement helps the ski grip on hard pack or ice and whilst certainly not up there with out-and-out race ski, the BBR 10.0’s are impressive and always leave you feeling stable even at high speed. The biggest change to the 10.0’s from the other BBRs in the range is the speed… wow, these skis make you fly!! They are consistently challenging you to better yourself and go faster… and faster. Crucially the BBR 10.0’s still maintain good stability at high speeds thanks to the new wood, bamboo and titanium laminate core. So, the BBR 10.0’s are impressive on-piste for the speed junkie or advanced skier, but how do they fare for the intermediate? In all honesty, for the intermediate and advanced intermediate, stick with the BBR 8.9 or 8.0’s – they are easier to turn, more rewarding on piste and cheaper.

Off-piste performance

The BBR 10.0’s have a narrower tip but a wider waist and tail than their little siblings and this results in better off-piste performance. The gorgeous surfboard-shaped tips make it nigh on impossible to sink your tips in the white fluffy stuff. The BBR 10.0’s are more at home in the deep stuff than the other BBRs in the range and are immensely enjoyable. Turns come easily, trees are a delight to weave through, crud and slush are ploughed through. All in all, the BBR 10.0’s destroyed everything we threw at them!

BBR 10.0


The BBR 10.0’s exceeded my expectations; I was expecting to prefer the BBR 8.9’s, but how wrong I was! The BBR 10.0’s were hugely fast, stable and fun when cruising from piste to piste and then, when the snow came, just as fun and capable in the powder. For the advanced skier I don’t think there is another ski out there that can offer the best of both like the BBR 10.0’s. For the intermediate, I would still recommend going for the BBR 8.9’s, but then this ski isn’t aimed at the intermediate skier. Ultimately you can take the BBR 10.0’s anywhere on the mountain and feel at home…

4 comments on “Salomon BBR 10.0 Review
  1. Sam says:

    Hi Vince,

    Late to the party here but question on these – what size would you recommend for a 6’1″ skier, 85kgs? Will the rocker make the 177s too short?


    • Hi Sam, Sorry for the delayed reply! How good a skier are you? If you are confident and want the ultimate in speed and control in the deep stuff then I would push up and go for the 184cm. For an easier ride go for the 177cms

      Hope that helps,


  2. Hi Vince,

    I did indeed test the 10.0s on some mogul fields. For their size the 10.0s are actually very light and maneuverable and we thought they performed really well on the moguls. The did occasionally get caught due to their length but overall I would recommend them!


    The Loveskiing Team

  3. Vince says:

    Hi LoveSkiing,

    Can I ask if you tested the 10.0s through any steep mogul fields? I own some Salomon Enduro XT800s which are solid as a rock on groomed pistes but I find them a bit slow/heavy in the moguls (quite possibly my technique..). I hired some 8.9s which were a delight in moguls and off-piste but they were not as stable on groomers. Does the BBR 10.0 have it all??

    We’re off to Chamonix for a long weekend soon 🙂 if you know anyone that hires out 10.0s then I’d be really grateful! (Currently waiting on 4-5 hire shops + tourist info…)



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