Arnette Shuffle 3054 Sunglasses Review

Arnette Shuffle 3054 Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are a tricky one, first of all you have to get the ones that suit you, then there’s the matter of whether they are comfy and last of all you normally think of practicality. Along with this there is obviously cost, to get a good pair of sunglasses you normally need to spend a fair amount of money so you want something you can wear for all occasions. To find a stylish pair of sunglasses that can also be used for sport and general use is a somewhat difficult task.

The closest I have got to the ‘ideal pair’ is the Arnette Shuffle 3054 sunglasses. They come in black, brown and a great blue colour, they are comfortable, great to use for sport, and effortlessly classy. They have excellent optical quality that rarely smudges, 100% UVA/B protection, as well as an anti-shock and anti-scratch construction – build quality is excellent.

The only negative about these glasses is that they hurt just behind the ears when worn under my helmet which is definitely something worth considering. The price is good for a designer pair of sunglasses, retailing at about £60 (depending on where you get them from!) but considering the excellent optics, great build quality you could say they are something of a bargain at £60. Highly recommended!

Arnette shuffle sunglasses

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