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The Loveskiing piste fashion section brings the newest and most innovative fashion accessories to match your personality. All products selected in this section offer something different than the standard accessories you see out and about. Go and find your perfect hat, scarf, gloves… the list goes on!

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One comment on “Piste Fashion
  1. LUMLEY says:

    standard fashion statements the average person may not know:

    – to avoid on-piste humiliation … DO NOT wear sunglasses with a helmet!!!! if you wear a helmet … then wear goggles … otherwise you look like an absolute dick!
    – helmets are by no means uncool … if it saves your life, then its cool!
    – skiing without poles looks stupid … unless you are advised by a qualified instructor to do so – for example – beginners may be asked to leave the poles alone! some people think its easier without poles, especially in the park … however, they’re wrong – you look so much better with poles … so dont be a knob!!!
    – do not ever wear jeans … it may sound crazy to have to say this, but some retards do it … dont!

    – do not wear matching his and her outfits … it will never be cool!
    – all-in-one suits are a definite no-no …. unless they are being used as a take-the-mick out of the old school skiiers … and in that case you must ski like the old-school skiiers = bad technique … however if a genuine cool and utterly amazing all-in-one is found please post a picture!

    – when you finally do ski and dont look like a failing 80’s rockstar … try to be happy and look like you are enjoying it … its an amazing sport and is so much fun … dont look like you are skiing to a funeral … unless you are … and in that case fair enough.
    – and finally, dont lose all piste credit by doing the armageddon-slow-mo cross with the wild-west-spur-flinging walk … you are still a human … walk like one!!

    if anyone else has any other ski fashion tips … feel free to post below!!

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