Barts Fur Headband

barts fur headbandI’d hankered after one of these fur headbands for many a ski season and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. With dead straight, shiny hair, it’s imperative to have a snug fit so you don’t lose the headband when skiing at speed and this stayed perfectly in place. Despite being described as rabbit, animal lovers will be relieved to hear that it’s 100% faux fur, but very warm around the ears nonetheless. A lovely silvery grey colour, it’s guaranteed to coordinate with most ski outfits. If anything, I felt the label on the fleece lining could have been slightly less bulky, as it feels a little itchy when you first put it on, but it’s certainly not noticeable once you hit the slopes. All in all, a very stylish addition to any ski wardrobe.

3 comments on “Barts Fur Headband
  1. Kim Burns says:

    Can you tell me where I can buy this and how much it costs please ?

  2. Claire Kennard says:

    How do I purchase the headband? Help please 😀

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