Grannies, Inc.

Christmas has now been and gone, but there is still reason to be jolly! Grannies, Inc. is a brand new company that gives power to you. With Grannies, Inc. you can unleash your inner designer with the easy-to-use website tool which allows you to customise your own hats, beanies, scarves, snoods, wrist warmers and headbands. Each item is exclusively hand-knitted for you in the UK by a Granny and made from the highest quality 100% British spun merino wool yarn. Grannies, Inc. really is a unique product! Ready to give Stella McCartney a run for her money, I thought I’d have a go at the design process. The first stage is to pick your product; I choose a beanie. The page then opens up into the design section. Here I was able choose what type of beanie I want (fitted, baggy or an earflapper), the size, style of stitch, any additional extras (bobble, bow or a rose) and most importantly what colours I want. Feeling that I needed a new ski hat I went for the earflapper, choosing a mish-mash of the brightest and most vibrant colours I could find. All that was left was to pay. Luckily Grannies, Inc. is currently having a January sale, so I was able to get 20% off my beanie … Bargain!!!

Multicoloured Earflapper Grannies Inc

If you are feeling lazy or lacking inspiration you don’t have to choose your own design. There are plenty of designs which are pre-made, just waiting to be shipped out to you! Delivery costs are very reasonable starting with shipping in the UK at £3.95, up to Worldwide delivery at £6.95. However if you are having a custom order it can take up to 10 working days for your design to be knitted and shipped, still excellent considering it is a one-off handmade product.

On arrival I eagerly opened the package and found a range of Grannies, Inc. products waiting to be reviewed. Your selected product comes nicely wrapped in tissue paper with a tag letting you know who knitted it and the item secured by traditional threaded string tied in a bow… an excellent first impression!

The material has a cosy, comfortable feel, it doesn’t itch when worn and keeps you nice and snug. The wool is 100% British spun merino, often regarded as one of, if not the softest, most luxurious yarns in the world. The sizing was perfect and stayed on my head even when zooming down the piste at high speeds.

Turquoise Beanie Grannies Inc

It is a good feeling to wear a product that no one else anywhere in the world will have. It makes you feel special and that is what Grannies, Inc. products give you: a great product that is unique to you.

We Love:
• The unique design process: the website is a joy to use and makes designing your dream knitwear an enjoyable and rewarding process.
• All products are 100% British, the wool is British, the company is British and the labour is British. Very patriotic in this economic climate!
• The knitwear is comfortable, warm and a delight to wear.
• The packaging is a nice touch and makes you feel special.

We Hate:
• Nothing major we can think of, apart from the time it takes to be delivered, but when you consider that it is handmade and specific to your order you can’t complain. How long would it take to have a suit made to fit?


It is hard to choose accessories to match your ski outfit and to have the fitting you want. Well now you need to worry no more as Grannies, Inc. will cater for all your knitted needs. The products will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them and really put a smile on your face. The products are a joy to wear, comfortable, warm, stylish and that all important knowledge that you are the only person wearing that product in the World! Now what shall I design next?

Check out Grannies, Inc.


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