Core Strength

The aim of the exercises below aren’t geared towards honing your quest for a six pack, but are more along the lines of giving yourself a stable core that can withstand a hard day on the slopes. Having a strong core is essential for having good balance, especially for snowboarders!

The Plank

This exercise is great for working your inner core muscles (not your 6 pack). This exercise will also test your mental strength to the max!


1. Lying on the floor head down. Tuck your arms in so that they form a V shape underneath your body (see image).
2. Lift your body up from the ground so that the point that are touching the ground are your toes and your newly created V shape.
3. Hold this position for as long as possible, when you collapse from exhaustion, have a short break and start again.

When trying this exercise, I would recommend aiming to hold the exercise for around 30 secs. When you find that you can get 30 secs quite comfortably simply try to hold the stretch for longer.


The advanced version of this exercise is quite complicated, however once you get the technique right you’ll breeze it. The thing about this exercise is that by adding movement and instability to this normally static exercise, you force your body to work harder to keep your core tight and the rest of your body stable.

1. Start in the plank position above.
2. Lift your left foot and right arm off the floor and extend, holding the movement for 5-10 seconds.
3. Now switch sides and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

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