Upper Body

These exercises are aimed not necessarily to sculpt your guns or build a chest to impress but more to tone things up a bit. Nothing is worse than having to pole your way up an incline, with these exercises you will be breezing up those hills in no time!

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a great way of working your arms and stabilising your core muscles.


1. As the image shows, rest your hands on the edge of a table, a bed or even a sofa.
2. Straighten your legs so that they are stretched out in front of you.
3. Relaxing your legs start to lower your body towards the ground.
4. Just before your bottom reaches the ground, straighten your arms and return to the original position.

As this is quite a strength based exercise, for beginners I would recommend 8 repetitions in sets of 3 with 30-60 secs rest in between each set.


For all of you who find this exercise too easy, here is a more advanced version of the tricep dip.

1. As the image shows, position yourself in between two stable blocks, with your hands resting on one, and your legs resting on the other.
2. Keeping your legs straight, start to lower yourself towards the ground.
3. Due to you having your legs elevated you will be able to increase your movement and thus the difficulty.
4. Just before your bottom reaches the ground, straighten your arms and return to the original position.
5. To add further difficulty, rest your legs on a swiss ball, this will test your core stability to the max!

To feel a good burn, I would recommend repetitions of 20 in sets of 5 with 30 secs in between each set.

Press ups

Press ups are the quintessential upper body exercise. Press ups are such a great exercise, mainly due to the fact that they target such a large amount of muscles; with press ups targeting your arms, chest, back and core.


This is type of press-up is commonly known as the ‘female press-up’. Terrible name I know, we at LoveSkiing aren’t misogynists, this is just the name of the exercise.

1. With your knees bent on the floor, lower yourself into a press up position (hands roughly in line with your shoulders and spaced shoulder width apart.)
2. Start to bend your elbows so your body starts to lower itself towards the ground.
3. When your chest is just above the ground, raise yourself to your original position.
4. If you want to increase intensity, lift your knees of the ground so you are now resting on your toes. This is your standard press up position.

Repeat this exercise in repetitions of 8 in sets of 3, with 30-60 secs in between each set.


To be honest, there are an endless amount of advanced press ups that you can perform. However, my favourite advanced press up is the clap press up. This is a great exercise for really pushing your fast twitch fibres.

1. Start with your chest on the floor, in a press up position.
2. Explode upwards, so that you propel yourself upwards.
3. As you leave the ground try to clap your hands.
4. As you hit the floor, return to the first position.

This exercise is challenging to say the least and you may struggle the first couple of times. However, once you start to get the hang of the technique, you will be breezing it in no time! I’d recommend reps of 10 in sets of 3 with 30 secs rest in between each set.

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