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Zeal Optics continues to shine in the goggle market with yet more great new goggles


This week we had a chat with Mike Lewis – Digital Marketing Manager for Zeal Optics – about his current role, amazing career so far and what to expect from Zeal Optics this season and in the future. Once again, we’re impressed by the goggles Zeal are offering this year, with the new Forecast goggle looking like it’ll revolutionise skiers and boarders lives with lenses that change depending on the light conditions, and the reborn HD2 goggle that looks set to build on the success of its predecessor, the HD Camera Goggle, with improved design and insanely cool new features. Check out what Mike had to say below to find out more!

Hi Mike, thanks for chatting with us today! I guess we should start by finding out a bit about you and what your role is at Zeal! How long have you been with Zeal for and what attracted you to the job?

I came on board a little over a year ago from TransWorld Media. I had been following ZEAL since it took on a new leadership team about three years ago and had been blown away by how deep the environmental and social responsibility stories ran throughout the company, not to mention its focus on getting people outside to Explore More!

So, before this job, I’m assuming you had some other pretty awesome jobs too? Didn’t you mention something to me in the past about spending a month in different European ski resorts every year as part of your job…?

I’ve had a pretty good run! I fell in love with snowboarding when I was young and have worked in the industry for almost 15 years now. My last position was editor-in-chief for TransWorld Business, the trade publication for action sports globally, and it involved some amazing travel. It was a tough call coming to ZEAL, but definitely the right one – this brand is on an amazing trajectory!

Lucky guy! Back to Zeal, where and when did the company come about? Do you know what inspired it?

ZEAL was founded in 1997 by a couple of passionate skiers and mountain bikers in Moab, Utah that wanted to create better gear to enhance their experiences and outdoor passions. What started with optical innovations rapidly grew to include wearable technology and material stories such as biodegradable frames that are changing the industry.

What makes Zeal Optics stand out? From my point of view, I always associate Zeal with high-quality, technologically-innovative products…?

Our focus is solely on optics and we only make two categories – sunglasses and goggles. Our goal is to provide the best optics in both of those spaces while at the same time being the most sustainable sunglass company and the most technologically-advanced goggle company in the market.

Zeal's HD2 Camera goggle - new for 2014/2015 - click for full resolution image!

Zeal’s HD2 Camera goggle – new for 2014/2015 – click for full resolution image!

What’s new for Zeal for the 2014/2015 season? What can skiers and boarders across the world get excited about?

The innovation we’re most excited about is our new HD2 Camera Goggle. Delivering 1080p video, 12MP photos, slow-mo, temperature gauge, an in-goggle viewfinder and WiFi to allow you to share your moments on social media instantly, this is a game-changer for action sports enthusiasts! We’re also rolling out the widest range of polarised goggle lenses ever. We all know the power of polarised in sunglasses, but the problem with goggles was a difficulty in incorporating polarised film in low-light lenses. We solved this and now have polarised goggle lenses that allow you to see the mountain clearly and protect your eyes in any condition.

And beyond the coming season? Can you let us in on any secret technological advances in the pipeline?

There are definitely some exciting things cooking up here in Boulder, CO!

Zeal's Forecast Goggle - also new for 2014/2015 - click for full resolution image!

Zeal’s Forecast Goggle – also new for 2014/2015 – click for full resolution image!

Keeping your cards close to your chest then…we can’t wait to hear more about them! Focusing on the UK and European market, where can snow-sports lovers buy Zeal sunglasses and goggles?

Our account base in Europe is growing quickly and we’re in a number of finer outdoor and optical accounts. You can search for local dealers here: http://www.zealoptics.com/store-locator or contact [email protected] to order directly.

Now, for a little bit of fun, we have some quick-fire questions in each of our interviews:

Favourite North American resort?


Favourite European resort ?


Favourite place for après ski?

St. Anton!!

Your worst injury?

That’s a long list, but a broken vertebrae surely takes the cake!

Your best moment of 2014?

Surfing in Brazil and hopefully the winter to come!!

 …Favourite goggle?

HD2 and Forecast with polar auto lens (these change ting with the light conditions so you never have to change your lens again!)

Thanks a lot for speaking to us, Mike! Zeal certainly sounds like it’s on an upwards trajectory and we hope it carries on that way! We’re really excited to get our snowy mitts on both the HD2 and Forecast goggles in the coming month so we can review them and let the world know what they’re like! 

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