Courchevel Review

Loveskiing’s Courchevel Review

With regards to pricing, luxury and exclusivity Courchevel is often regarded as the elite corner of the trois vallées. However, despite being the place for the uber-rich, Courchevel does offer some outstanding pistes with Courchevel’s ski domain offering 62 lifts and 150km of ski area. Courchevel is also part of the trois vallées ski network which boasts a staggering 600km making it the largest ski network in the world. The resort of Courchevel itself is made up of four resorts starting at Courchevel 1300 right up to Courchevel 1850. Courchevel’s exclusivity is further enhanced by it having its own airport. The runway is incredibly short (525 metres) and highly dangerous. The airport also has a dangerous approach through deep valleys which can only be performed by specially certified pilots. Nether-the-less despite Couchevel having an aura of exclusivity, don’t let that detract you from the seriously good pistes.

Click the image below to open a high resolution piste map.

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• Absolutely stunning views.
• The run into 1850 village is extremely picturesque with the run flanked by trees either side.
• Extremely well planned and organised lift system.
• Part of the largest ski area in the world.

• Pistes can get very crowded at times.
• Due to it being purpose built, it is not your traditional alpine resort.
• The most expensive resort in the trois vallées.

• Those without a budget
• Those after a resort with exclusivity
• Those fancy going on celebrity safari
• All levels of skiers

• Those after a cheap ski trip.
• Those who don’t like crowded pistes.




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