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That missing feeling

I’m sitting here with my perfectly filtered, exquisitely sourced Ethiopian coffee (that is the in-thing now, right?), a mouth-watering slab of carrot cake to my left and my more-than-perfect girlfriend to my right, staring out over reddening trees and rutting

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Real Skifi Episode 13

The Real Skifi crew have released their latest instalment of skiing nirvana. The originality of the tricks, props and the urban settings combined with simple but excellent editing make these webisodes one of our favourites! Check it out for yourself

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Real Skifi Episode 10

We just couldn’t resist sharing this ridiculous clip from the crazy Finnish freeski group – Real Skifi! Just goes to show that with a little bit ***a lot*** of imagination you can ski anywhere! Some incredible tricks and cameos that

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Real Skifi Season 2011/12

What is Real Skifi? 1. A bunch of finnish adolescents doing what they love. 2. A series of webisodes full of urban skiing. 3. It’s better than scifi. 4. A facebook group facebook.com/RealSkifi Last season Real Skifi started to make

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