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Loveskiing’s very own TRICKTIONARY!

Definition:Tricktionary a compendium of spectacular tricks and their practical application compiled by extreme sports professionals. If you want to post your own video of you performing one of these tricks please email us: [email protected]

Kick one leg forward, one leg back making sure not to bend your knees

Cross your ski’s behind your boots

To be done in the pipe. You approach the pipe wall, plant your hand on the top and allow your feet to raise over your head. Extra points for grabs.

Iron Cross
Cross your ski’s in front of your boots

Screamin Semen
Do a daffy then cross your legs onto the opposite sides then do another daffy to get your legs uncrossed

Strait leg
In the pipe, when you go off the wall twist your lower body uphill and hold it that way until the last second where you flip your skis back for the landing.

Keep your legs strait and kick them into a pike position (also called: Zute or Shifty)

Zero Spin
Taking off and landing off a jump switch (no spinning), or in the pipe where you go strait up and come strait back down.

Illegal grab
Drop your tips then grab the tail of your right ski from the outside without crossing your skis.

Grabbing under your right boot (can be with or without a cross)

Grabbing your left ski just infront of the boot, pulling that ski up to your right knee while kicking back your right ski.

Screamin Semen but grabbing your left ski with your right hand while your legs are in the crossed position.

Grabbing your left ski behind the boot and then kicking down your right leg

Jap Slap
Japan but with a Twister

Lui Kang
Grab under or just behind your right boot then kick down your other leg japan air style

Mute Kang
Same as Japan but grabbing infront of your left boot

Same as Mute but without the cross

Grabbing your left ski just infront of the boot while doing an Iron X then pulling it to get it tweaked out

Rocket Air
Do a Zutnik then reach down and grab your left ski just in front of the boot, throw in a Twister to make it look even better

Safety Grab
Do an Iron X then grab the tail of your left ski on the outside

Stepover stiffie
Do a Screaming Seamen into a Rocket Air grab then uncross

Tai Pan
Same as a Mute but you grab inbetween your legs (under your right leg instead of infront of it)

Tail Grab
Do an Iron X then grab the your right ski’s tail from the inside and pull it out to tweak

Tip grab
Same as Rocket Air but you grab the tip of your skis (can also be done with both hands)

Toxic air
Like a mute grab but you cross and grab your ski’s behind your boot instead of infront

Basically all grab can be done with spins. It is important to keep in mind the direction of rotation and remember that naturally you should grab or reach in the direction of the spin. Once you become better at this you can try and do these tricks “un-natural” which is grabbing opposite your rotation.

Before you try any spins with grabs you need to be able to spin, so lets talk about the basic 360.

The jump is important, see picking a jump above. Wait for the right jump and right conditions cause getting hurt trying this will only spook you out of trying it again.

The 360:
Most people reading this probably have twin tip skis. Twin tips are not there so that you can bail out of a 360 half way… This mindset will not help you learn a 3. When you decide to try a 360 you need to focus on a full rotation. Pick a spot in front of the jump and don’t stop looking until you are back around to that same point.
approach the jump, don’t be afraid of speed. You need to clear the jump and give yourself enough time to complete the rotation.
Pop evenly off the jump and set your rotation by popping and turning your shoulders and head in the direction of the spin, the rest of your body will follow.
KEEP LOOKING for the spot downhill you picked. Another technique used to even out your landing is to look for a spot 3/4 of the way around and lock eyes on it, this will allow you to even out your body as your rotation finishes and slow your rotation for the landing. Before you try this practice getting the full rotation down.
As you complete your rotation extend your arms and get ready to absorb the landing. Some people spin very straight legged to begin with, it is important to set up for landing so you don’t hurt your knees.
Stomp it and know that once you have done one you can do another.

The 540:
The 540 is a 360 with an extra 180 and a switch landing. Obviously it requires a little more air time and a comfort riding switch. Make sure you got the 3’s licked before you try a 540.
The only difference between a 540 and a 360 is that once one rotation is completed you just look for that extra 180. Some riders just snap their bodies around for the last 180, this is a little less controlled than a smooth rotation.

Once you are around 540 you will be looking slightly over your lead shoulder. Switch landings are usually weighted slightly forward, this helps you to maintain control as you ride out switch. The landing takes a little adjustment for you to find your own sweet spot when landing switch, just be sure that the landing is packed and relatively smooth or you will need a good chiropractor and a neck brace.

More spins:

Anything over a 360 is simply more looking, more air time and sometimes a harder set, if you have a good set and keep looking you will keep spinning.

A spin in the pipe where you spin towards the top of the pipe not the bottom. ie. spin right on the right wall, left on the left wall

Bio Spins
An off axis spin where you come close to being parallel with the ground, can be done starting at a 540 (Also called: Corkscrew)

Mellow 3
A 360 with a Huntony Grab

Regular spins
The degrees of 180, 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080, 1260, 1440 have all been achieved, the higher the number the more revolutions you complete in the air!!!

A 360, but in mid rotation you do a twister so it looks like you stop rotating for a second

Switch Spins
the same a regular but you take off backwards. The degrees you spin are down to the size of the jump and how brave you are.

Allyoop Flatspin
To be done in the pipe. As you ride up the wall turn up hill so your back is facing downhill pop off the top blindside, go into the flatspin as you rotate over your back axis then you come around for the landing

Austin 3:16
An off axis Lincoln loop usually with a Mute Grab

Back Flip
A backwards flip

Back Full
Back flip 360

Front flip 180

Dinner roll
Like a Rodeo but you partially delay the spinning till the end of the trick

Set up for a backflip then when your back is parrallel to the ground turn 180 and continue to go under with various degrees of spin. It’s inbetween a Back Full and a Corked spin

A Back flip 180

Flat spin
When you go off the jump you will spin on your side basically as if you were laying on your side on flat ground.

Front Flip
A forward flip

Front Full
Front flip 360 (Front Double is Front flip 720 etc)

Lawn dart
A Front flip where you hold off the rotation as long as you can then tuck up and finish the flip at the last instant, keep your arms at your side (also called: Superman if you stick your arms out

Lincoln loop
Basically a barrel roll (can be done with spins)(Ed Lincoln)

A forward roll over your shoulder where you are never fully upside-down with various degrees of spin starting at 540

Back flip 360

It’s the opposite of the Misty, a backwards roll over your shoulder with various degrees of spin also starting at 540

Misty 540 in the 1/2 or 1/4 pipe

Miracle Whip
Backflip to late 360

Risky Flip
A D-spin to Backflip

In-between a Bio spin and a Lincoln loop with various degrees of spin starting at 540 (Skogan Sprang)

Switch Back Full
Take off switch, do a back flip 360, land switch (Shane McKonkey)

Switch Back
Take off switch, do a back flip, land switch

Switch Flair
Take off switch, do a back flip 180, land forwards

Switch Front
Take off switch, do a front flip, land switch

Misty 900 in the 1/2 or 1/4 pipe

Corked 180 to front flip Venus Fly Trap: A flair but with an added front flip on the way down from the apex of the jump in the 1/2 or 1/4 pipe (also called: Flair to Front)

Riding rails with skis is a newer art. As a male skier I can tell you that as you learn to run rails your biggest fear will be draggin the jewels down 15 feet of hard steel while everyone and there sisters are watching. Don’t worry everyone else on rails with skis has the same fear except for our fellow female rippers…

The most important thing about riding rails is to remember to stay forward.

270 On
Spin a 270 onto the rail then begin to slide

270 Off
Spin a 270 off the rail (depending on which direction you spin off you could have a either a regular or fakie landing)

Combo Grinds
Where you jump or slide from one rail or grind to another

One footer
Grab one boot as you lift it off the rail and slide along with the other (can be grabbing either your lead or trail boot)

Railslide to fakie
As you come off the rail you land backwards

Both skis centered on the rail under the boot as you slide along it

Seamen Grind
Where you do cross your legs over as you get on the rail, slide in that position then uncross your legs before the landing

6 comments on “Skiing Tricktionary
  1. jeff says:

    Most people have different namesfor different tricks. Alot of tricks have been messed up, and people think some tricks are different. Its just what happens when people sometimes name them themselves or think its a trick that it isnt.

  2. Sean says:

    Where to begin with all of the mistakes made in this list. What you described an illegal grab is called a blunt grab, what you called an Indy is actually a safety, a Japan is when you grab your right ski below the boot with your left hand reaching under, a method is just grabbing you ski with the same hand in front of your binding, what you have describing a safety grab is a true tail grab, what you have described as a tip grab is a nose grab and a toxic grab is when you grab just behind your binding while crossing your skis in front of your binding. There is also tones of other grabs not even mentioned. Now for spins. A corkscrew is when you lean off axis backwards and a biospin is the opposite. And flips – d spin you fully cork a spin and the drop back into something like a rodeo and an underflip is when you do a backflip and turn about 90 so you are sideways doing a backflip befor straightening out again. And for rails you missed a disaster which is jumping past the first kink in any rail. And many more just remember that ther is a whole shit tone more tricks than snowboarding.

  3. Daniel says:

    In the Skodeo, you refer to a biospin, but what is a iospin? You have not written a description on that.. 🙂

  4. Finn says:

    Thinking of trying to perfect an easier one this week, what would you reccomend? Seeing as there isn’t much snow so the jumps may not be huge!?

  5. Loveskiing Team James says:

    I’m glad you like it, I’m sure we will be seeing some huge tricks this season!!!

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